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Vision & Mission


  • Provide high QUALITY, Reasonable COST & On time DELIVERY for our customers
    • Performance-Performance is a product’s primary operating characteristics.
    • Conformance - Conformance to the degree to which a certain product meets the customer’s expectations.
    • Special features - Any additional features of a product or service...
    • Aesthetics - A product’s looks, sound, feel, smell, or taste…
    • Durability -  Improved by the usage of long-life materials or improved technology processes
    • Reliability - Very important for products, Not to have expensive maintenance
    • Serviceability - Defined by speed, courtesy, competence and ease of repair
    • Perceived quality - perceived quality may be affected by the high price or the good aesthetics
  • Meet the customers for best satisfaction and high quality service as much as possible
  • Constantly improve our processes and manpower through innovation and training
  • Develop sound practices for effective waste management and proper consumption of electricity


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